Buller District: Walks and Hikes

Many of Buller’s most special places are best experienced on foot, and this district offers some of the best opportunities for recreational walking and hiking in the country. Immerse yourself in the wildest of seascapes, explore rainforests and canyons, and get access to impressive heritage sites. From ten minute nature and beach circuits to ten day gut-busting tramps through inland ranges, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Karamea Area

IMG6096 copy
Size does matter! [More]

Pied stilts karamea lagoon IMG3883 copy
Birdwatchers’ and Photographers’ Paradise! [More]

IMG4432 caving karamea2
The Oparara Valley and Basin, hidden away in the warm rainforest of the northern West Coast, is a very special place. [More]

IMG5967 Karamea coastline
A walk south or north along the white sands of Flagstaff Beach between where the mighty Karamea and Oparara rivers... [More]

IMG5737 kohaihai river2
Heaphy Hut is the first hut on the Heaphy Track proper. [More]

IMG6086 copy
Giant Nikau Palms – the world’s most southern palm tree! [More]

Heaphy track IMG6069 copy4
Stunning seascape and magnificent views! [More]

Jacks Karamea 112 640x2
Watch for the world’s best ‘green flash’ at sunset! [More]

IMG5831 copy3
Created in 1996, Kahurangi is one of New Zealand's newest national parks, and at 452,002 hectares it is also the second largest. [More]

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You don’t have to be a mad trout fisher, but it helps! [More]

DSC0147 640x480
Water fun and brilliant birdwatching in the middle of town! [More]

7477 21A 640x2
If its wilderness and a tramping challenge you want, then The Karamea-LeslieTrack in the middle of Kahurangi National Park is for you. [More]

DSC0094 640x480
A hidden gem – put the brakes on and stop. [More]

Paul on Mt Stormy 640x480
Mt Stormy, with a height of 1084 metres, guards the entrance to the Karamea Gorge. [More]

IMG5678 tourist Oparara
Jaw-dropping huge ancient arches, caves and fossils – unmissable! [More]

IMG0904 640x480
Join us on one of our guided eco-tours amongst the pristine rainforest and limestone caves and formations in the Oparara Basin. [More]

7472 17 640x480
The heart of Old Karamea – the first settlement. [More]

IMG5831 copy4
Go for gold – and a must for fungi fanatics! [More]

IMG1540 coastal Rata flowering
If the Heaphy is too ‘popular’ for you, you’ll love this track! [More]

Punakaiki Area

Kids Punakaiki 2007 048 640x480
Bullock Creek Road is an old 1900s farm track that winds its way up though a magnificent limestone canyon... [More]

IMG0165 Old Fox river bridge
The Inland Pack Track was created in the mid 1800's for gold miners to move through the area. [More]

Dolomite Point is a must see of things to do on the West Coast. This short walk takes you around the famous pancake rocks and blowholes. [More]

Luxuriant coastal forest, limestone cliffs and canyons, caves and underground streams, and an absolutely spectacular coastline, are all packed into one national park. [More]

Kids Punakaiki 2007 005 640x480
Two new swing bridges now makes this Pororari Track a loop track! This follows a spectacular limestone gorge with two main features a river with huge rocks in deep pools. [More]

Te Nikau
Te Nikau Retreat is a unique and special place in an awesome location, nestled in the forest adjoining the Paparoa National Park just 3km North of the Pancake Rocks. [More]

IMG0363 Trumans track 2
This stunning walk leads down through rainforest and flax to the dramatic Te Miko coastline. [More]

Reefton Area

Victoria mtns Copy2
Scattered among old coal mine workings are remains of makeshift winch equipment, including and old Leyland lorry. [More]

picture6 Copy2
This is a loop track at the start of the St James Walkway and leads through an alpine wetland, with views of Gloriana Peak and the Spenser Mountains. [More]

MTB Reefton 043 Copy
The journey out via tracks linking with the Golden Lead Battery Track and Inangahua Swingbridge Picnic area. [More]

RahuSaddle Copy2
This track can be accessed from SH7 on the Reefton side of the Rahu Saddle. [More]

picture7 Copy
The track travels along the Murray Creek Track for five minutes before branching off to the right crossing Murray Creek. [More]

picture8 Copy
There is a steady 6 hour climb up a well-formed pack track to the modern Kirwans hut near the bushline. [More]

Brads Fishing Lake Daniels Copy
From the 'Sluice Box' the track continues up the Alfred River passing through splendid red beech forest to the lake where there is a hut sleeping 24. [More]

picture9 Copy
This track starts at the Energetic junction, on the Murray Creek Track. [More]

Reefton 077 Copy
This track starts at the end of a 6km forestry road which turns off SH69. [More]

Reefton 148 Copy
From a carpark beside the Upper Inangahua Bridge, there is a very steep two hour climb to the bushline on a well-formed route. [More]

Reefton 236 Copy
The main Murray Creek track loops through the goldfield, taking in The Energetuic, Inglewood and Ajax gold mines. [More]

Vic Mtn Chamois2 Copy
From the old Waiuta town site, "Pro Road" winds up to the top of the country's deepest mineshaft (879 metres). [More]

MTB Reefton 104 Copy2
The Goldfields of Quartzopolis is a corner of the Victoria Forest Park that is home to Reefton’s rich mining heritage and a wilderness playground. [More]

picture8 Copy2
Million dollar views! [More]

Golden lead battery 1 Copy
From the old Waiuta town site a well formed down hill track leads you to the remains of a massive gold extraction plant. [More]

MTB Reefton 058 Copy2
Just south of the Reefton Saddle on the Reefton highway (SH 7) is a picnic area with tap water and a toilet. [More]

Reefton 080 Copy
This route starts from a carpark 3km upstream from Tobins Bridge on SH7. [More]

picture2 Copy
This walk passes the Blackwater mine, settlement and recreation areas. [More]

Waiuta 2005 6 Copy
Walking access is either from Waiuta or SH7 11km east of Reefton. [More]

Charming Creek 1 of 1 9 Copy2
This easy walk is located 8km east of Springs Junction on SH7 (the Lewis Pass Highway). [More]

Westport Area

Kids Punakaiki 2007 277 640x480
Claim your own Gold! [More]

Buckland view north 640x480
Buckland Peaks Alpine Walk [More]

IMG4862 baby Fur seals2
A short walk with spectacular ocean views, steeple rocks, and a large year-round fur seal colony. [More]

IMG4931 Chalming creek walkway
This walk is rated one of the top five day walks in the South Island. [More]

Charleston Rock
The Charleston Reserve features a charming walk through flax fields to open cliff tops above the Tasman Sea. [More]

Dennston IMG1611 copy
Our early settlers did it with all their belongings – we dare you! It’s a grunt but it’s worth it! [More]

IMG1569 Denniston
Where the first coal on Denniston was discovered in 1860! [More]

IMG1647 Dennston
Feel the spirit of The Hill! [More]

DSC01840 640x480
"8th Wonder of the World" - Denniston is over 660 metres (2,000 ft) above sea level. [More]

Gentle annie coastline IMG7029 copy
Begin at roads end. Track climbs to plateau on top of Gentle Annie Point. [More]

IMG8318 copy
Marvellous old high altitude mining town – and million dollar views! [More]

IMG5831 copy3
Created in 1996, Kahurangi is one of New Zealand's newest national parks, and at 452,002 hectares it is also the second largest. [More]

IMG3577 copy
Hot water streams from Burning Mines, old bathhouse, charming walks! [More]

IMG5403 copy2
Once the bustling site of five gold mines and the main route through to Karamea. [More]

Bush scene karamea IMG3591 copy3
On a fine day competes with any views on the planet. [More]

IMG0697a Hectors Dolphins
A relaxing family and dog friendly walk. [More]

Luxuriant coastal forest, limestone cliffs and canyons, caves and underground streams, and an absolutely spectacular coastline, are all packed into one national park. [More]

IMG4661 640x3
In the North West corner of the South Island of New Zealand a ghost is awakening. A long-forgotten gold miners' road is being revived as a tramping and mountain biking track. [More]

IMG4495 Coast rd scene
A well formed track leads up through the scenic Tiropahi Gorge to an open pakihi, with fine views of the Paparoa National Park tops in clear weather. [More]